Adu Clothing Company

We choose not to settle while we pursue our passion: Creating a brand that emphasizes power and creative excellence. Our artwork displays the Kente design which is native to Ghana, a West-African powerhouse, popularly known as the "gold coast" and home to vibrant cultures.

Find Your Vision

The inception of Adu is evidence that finding your vision is the first step to discovering what makes you God on earth. Every time you wear our clothing, you are supporting Adu's vision. More people in our community need to be confident in their gifts and dominate in their various platforms. In our case, fashion.

Be Bold  

We believe that if you are going to make an impact, you have to take some risks. Not everyone is going to agree with you or wish you the best, but the world's greatest inventions were once ridiculed. 

Spread Love

Our greatest propellant is love. Not only do we have to love each other, regardless of our inherent differences, but we also have to love ourselves. Our company is not concerned with the world's beauty standards, and our artwork reflects that.